Internet Cafes Near Me?

In fact , we have the largest network of local internet cafes in the U.S.! Also known as the cyber cafe, these coffee shops that have internet do separate themselves in many ways. Here you can find out which internet cafes have printers and printing. Which internet cafes in have computers? Internet Cafe with Macs, with PCs? How often is their a place to sit ? Hot Spots? Secure Server? Can we count on the ability to have a business meeting for 4 or 5 people during a weekday morning? Are their private conference rooms and meeting rooms? Is the wifi open? Can I get on the wifi? Do too many people online slow it down? Is it too loud, is the coffee gross? Is it over saturated with Linkedin Lovin Corporate Tools or weirdos that camp out all day? If only there were a place to prequalify, read reviews and see ratings to identify the a good internet cafes near me? Welp, if you are looking for a legit internet cafe near you , you have come to the right place. :)

Find the best internet cafes near you!

Security On Public Wifi

All the internet cafe's are offering free Wi-Fi on their public network to all customers, yay! (sort of). These unencrypted public hot spots can be dangerous. (if you're a pretend writer or photographer or someone who else who likes to pretend to do important work in front of others this doesn't really matter, but many of you do big boy business at your favorite internet cafe so keep reading!) This is especially an issue if your cyber cafe offers free printing and has their own computers for customers. Just cause most good coffee houses have wireless routers with firewalls to protect you from the internets doesn't mean you're protected from others connected to the same network. (mean stare at the guy across from you, some hackers are girls so at the girl across from you maybe, if that is your current situation) Most wireless hotspots are left completely unencrypted, usually so they're easier to connect to (baristas hate having to tell the internet password to everyone that walks in). However, this leaves you unprotected against malicious users in the same coffee shop! Don't worry, there are a few security settings you can activate easily on your phone, tablet, mac or pc to stay safe. 1. Activate SSL 2. Turn off sharing 3. Enable your firewall For additional info, check with your local nerd or visit

Internet Cafe Sweepstakes

A lot of coffee shops are doin it. Since 2012 over 500 new “Internet sweepstakes cafes” have been placed in storefronts, gas stations and convenience stores in more than 20 states. Its kind of like gambling and a little like lottery tickets (aka the stupid tax). You basically buy some sort of unwanted product like prepaid long distance phone card or a type writer and then you get to play. The government is naturally litigating as they would love to get their hands all the creative easy money that pops up in the marketplace.

Start-up an Internet Cafe

Tons of money in coffee right!? Beans and water for $5 is a remarkably large margin. In fact, we were thinking of starting a coffee shop called Huge ROI's Coffee Shop. So, if you are an entreprenuer who is looking into opening a new internet cafe or an uncreative and diluted type who wants to pretend to be a business owner and open up a franchise, check this stuff out! After reading this how to start a coffee shop without going bankrupt thing, I get this feeling that he knows what he is talking about.